JUNOS - Forwarding Table

 ◆ フォワーディングテーブルの見方

 Cisco IOSでいうCEFテーブルに該当します。このフォワーディングテーブルは、以下のとおり、
 show route forwarding-tableコマンドにより確認できます。


 フォワーディングテーブルの表示項目である「Route Type」と「Next hop Type」の見方は以下です。

 ◆ The following list displays some common route types associated with forwarding entries:

Route Type Typeの説明
dest  Remote addresses directly reachable through an interface
intf  Installed as a result of configuring an interface
perm  Routes installed by the kernel when the routing table initializes
user  Routes installed by the routing protocol process or as a result of the configuration

 ◆ The following list displays some common next-hop types associated with forwarding entries:

Next-hop Type Typeの説明
bcst  Broadcast
dscd  Discard silently without sending an ICMP unreachable message
hold  Next hop is wating to be resolved into a unicast or multicast type
locl  The local address on an interface
mcst  Wire multicast next hop ( limited to the LAN )
mdsc  Multicast discard
recv  Receive
rjct  Discard and send an ICMP unreachable message
ucst  Unicast
ulst  A list of unicast next hops used when you configure load balancing

Juniper - JUNOS ルーティングの設定コマンド

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